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Celebrating February, the month of love

And just like that, January has left us, opening us up to the February’s charms.

February is sometimes known as the month of love, due to Valentine’s day. A day where we honour the love in our lives, mostly, yet not limited to our romantic interest.

Where does love begin?

From my experience it begins with finding it within ourselves, and being able to fully accept oneself, before being able to genuinely love anybody else.

How much time & effort do we make to truly learn to accept and love ourselves, and a cultivate a deep sense of awareness?

It will be very much up to the individual. One thing for certain is that it is a must if we are to spread love outward. The greater the inward seeking, the greater the outward manifestation.

It might sound counter-intuitive to the unaware mind; however, this is one of life’s great truths, taught by all the true masters of the world.

How do we do it?

There are many paths to do this, and most of them are related to seeking within, and introspection of some sort.

Some easily accessible tools are related to meditation, mindfulness & mindful movement practices.

The range is vast with breath awareness, yoga, sense awareness and journaling to name a few.

With the advent of wellness moving into the tech space there are many options such as the Insight Timer app. Here can be found a variety of meditation practices.

If you’re looking for yoga & mindfulness, we have a series beginner’s workshops that teach the fundamentals, and these can be found here.

The key is to continuously seek to expand consciousness and awareness, and in doing the sense of love, for self, others, and the world grows.

Don’t take my word for it. I encourage to seek, explore, learn and keep going.

Wishing you a beautiful February ahead and may true love find you.


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