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We come to your office to teach a yoga session especially designed to give office workers a welcome break from the computer, a good workout and a boost of energy. All you need is some space to practice and some yoga mats.


Yoga is suitable for absolutely everyone, and in these sessions we focus on "desk therapy" - using yoga techniques to counteract negative effects from long periods of sitting at our desks. Sessions can be 45 or 60 minutes long. 

Why do yoga in the workplace?

We spend a lot of hours sitting down either in front of a computer or in traffic commuting to/from the office. Over longer periods this can lead to back and shoulder pain, tension, stiffness and headaches. Our lives have become more fast-paced and complex, demanding increasing levels of concentration from employees, often leading to more work related stress and anxiety.


More and more companies recognize that yoga is a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to address these challenges we find in the modern workplace and invest in the wellbeing of their employees. 

Our instructors

All our qualified yoga instructors have studied a minimum of 200hrs at a reputable institution, have been trained in CPR and have an indemnity insurance. Many of them work or have worked in a corporate environment and all of them are passionate about giving people just the right mix of exercise and relaxation. 


For the company:


- Higher productivity, response time and focus

- Lower employee absenteeism

- Makes the company more attractive to work for

- Better team work and bonds with colleagues

- Lower staff turnover

- Increased job satisfaction

- Improved problem solving skills

- No need to invest in expensive gym equipment

- Tailor made yoga sessions specifically for your employees’ needs


For the employee:


- Less stress and anxiety

- Better overall health

- More energy and vitality

- Improved self esteem

- More focus, concentration and memory

- Improved strength, flexibility and balance

- Better posture, less back pain

Options & Prices
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Nothing to book at the moment
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