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A timeless practice for all challenges

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As a species, humankind is facing what is arguably one of the most tumultuous times of our history.

Look just about everywhere, and we see it. From Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine, load-shedding (ugh) and it is very much in our faces.

A pertinent question, given these challenges, how do we navigate in a way to keeps us joyful, hopeful, on the path of faith and inspired action?

Not the easiest question right now. However, it is those hard questions that we all must face if we are to overcome, endure and ultimately thrive.


I am here to offer you an anecdotal perspective, based on my own personal experience, and what I have experienced.

The practices of yoga & mindfulness has been with me for more than a decade now, and I have to say, has been one of the most transformative practices that has been integrated into my life.

This is coming from someone who has struggled with effectively managing mental and emotional state for much of my life, with a family history of challenges in the mental realm.

I initially tried out yoga in search of alternate modalities that would offer me greater physical strength, yet little did I know, that after that first class, how profound it would become in this life.

Over time, as I integrated the practices, specifically the movement element, and the breathing practices, I noticed subtle yet profound changes.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed either. There would be comments, at work, and in other facets of life where a greater sense of calm and joy was observed.

I found the practices to be just the start of the rabbit-hole, in terms of profound yet simple ways to cultivate more resourceful and resilient mental and emotional states.

In time this transformation would shift me to the path that I currently find myself, still a student of the philosophy, yet also a teacher, now sharing that which I have learned and love, to those who are also seekers.

And so, as I continue this path, here is my dare to you. If you seek something that will allow you to cultivate a greater sense of joy, calm, focus and wellness, I invite you to give it a go, how else would you ever know?

I cannot say whether it will be as profound as it has been for me, or the many that I have seen the philosophy of yoga touch, however I encourage you to seek, and continue to seek, for as long as you have life, for as long as your draw breathe. It is the seeking that will eventually bring you all that you need, to effectively navigate life in an inspired way.

If you're wanting to integrate yoga into your new habits for 2023, we are offering beginners workshops to help kickstart your journey.

You can register here:


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