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Free ONLINE Yoga

Free Online Yoga Classes

Here you will find a collection of feel-good, fun and accessible online yoga sessions for all ages and levels of experience.

Explore a different theme in each class and be guided through a mix of slow and skillful movements, breathing techniques, strengthening and balancing poses, and end with mindfulness and relaxation. 

Each session is designed to make you feel lighter, more in control, more focused and balanced and a good deal more relaxed than when you started. The goal is never to put additional stress on yourself or to be able to do every pose, so rather have fun, go at your own pace and be amazed at what you are capable of!


If you enjoy this content, you can subscribe to 100+ classes in our unlimited online yoga program where new classes are added regularly and you can explore classes with different durations, styles and levels. 

Free Online Yoga

Free Online Yoga

First Time on the Mat

Cross Body Flow (60 min)

Power of Breath: Focus

Desk Therapy: Neck Stretches

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