A yoga or mindfulness session is the ideal icebreaker or warm up activity to include in a wellness day or team building event. It gets the colleagues involved in a physical activity, and leaves them feeling revitalised afterwards (and perhaps inspired to do this more often?). A short stretching/mindfulness session can also be used to "take the edge off" before or during long conferences or AGM and board meetings. It is amazing what a few deep breaths and simple stretches can do... 

Introduction to Yoga


What: 45 or 60 minute introduction to yoga for beginners. Start with a warm up, some exercises to improve posture, basic strengthening and balancing poses, stretching/flexibility exercises and end the session with a well deserved relaxation

Boardroom Yoga and Breathing Session


What: 30, 45 or 60 minute interactive workshop with some gentle stretches which can be done on a chair, breathing exercises, introduction to mindfulness practice, and several techniques for reducing stress levels. We introduce some simple exercises that have an immediate effect on the body, mind and stress levels of the participants and that can be easily remembered for daily use afterwards



Teambuilding Yoga


What: 45 or 60 minute fun and active session suitable for absolutely everyone. In this activity people work together in pairs or sometimes in the whole group to try out several yoga poses, which requires teamwork, communication and lots of fun and laughter in the process


This option is excellent as a team building activity, to improve cooperation between friends and colleagues, or just as a fun and relaxing session. All poses are accessible to all levels, while at the same time working with a partner helps to get deeper into some poses than you can by yourself

Desk Therapy Session


What: 45 or 60 minute session to counter the effects of long periods of sitting at a desk or behind the steering wheel. In this session we use stretches, breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to give our bodies and minds a well deserved break from our hunched position behind the computer. 


This session targets some common areas that are affected by long hours of sitting, such as the spine, the shoulders, the neck, the wrists and the hips. 



Other Yoga Class Themes


energise and strengthen: an all-round class that will energise and strengthen your body and mind and will leave you feeling rejuvenated afterwards


relax and unwind: this session uses slow movements for reducing anxiety, grounding energy and soothing the nervous system


focus and calm: using breathing techniques, balancing work and grounded poses to refocus your energy and attention to what is most important

- total body reset: in this session we move through all of the major muscle groups of your entire body, beginning with the toes and finishing with the neck. To name a few, we will unravel tension in the calves, hamstrings, quads, and hips before proceeding to your spine and shoulders.

Other Wellness & Movement Activities


We work with a team of dedicated movement professionals who each specialise in their own disciplines. Contact us if you want to add any of these other activities to your wellness day or team building event:


- pilates

- mindfulness

- tai chi

- self-defense

- core strengthening

- group fitness session

- mobility and flexibility training

- play and creativity

- dance and expression


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